Simeon Petkov

Simeon began his career as a software developer in the dawn of Java in the late 90ies. The trip led him through some academic paths spending some years at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the National University of Ireland, Galway concluding it with a MSc in Computer Science from the Vienna University of Technology. In the following decade he worked on a variety of projects as a developer, architect and consultant including a ground-control system for Brussels Airport, trading systems for the Swiss energy market, banking and logistics solutions for German and Austrian companies. Back in his home-town Sofia he is currently leading Methodia’s development team on a mission to raise the technological infrastructure of a nation-wide operating gas-distribution company to cutting-edge level.

Dmitry Alexandrov

Dmitry is a passionate Java developer. Through his 7+ years career he has gained a huge experience with different web technologies. His areas of interest include the wide range of Java-related technologies (JSF, Spring Framework, JMX, JAX-RS, JAX-WS), enterprise solutions, cloud computing technologies, as well as non-Java like NodeJs and NoSql. He’s also passionate about Eclipse plug-ins development process. He’s big enthusiast of distributed multinational, multi location software development. At his free time he’s trying to contribute to OpenJDK and supports his own opensource project.

Andrew Lombardi

Andrew Lombardi is a veteran entrepreneur and software developer. His parents taught him to code while barely able to read on an Apple // he still wishes he had. He invented the Internet and Nutella while drinking Rakia and being fed grapes. He’s been running the consulting firm Mystic Coders for 13 years, coding, speaking internationally and offering technical guidance to companies as large as Walmart and companies with problems as interesting as helicopter simulation. He firmly believes that the best thing he’s done so far, is being a great dad.

Martin Toshev

Martin is a Java enthusiast. He is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Sofia. He is also a certified Java professional (SCJP6) and a certified IBM cloud computing solution advisor. His areas of interest include the wide range of Java-related technologies (such as Servlets, JSP, JAXB, JAXP, JMS, JMX, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Liferay Portal and Eclipse RCP), cloud computing technologies, cloud-based software architectures, enterprise application integration, relational and NoSQL databases. You can reach him for any Java and FOSS-related topics (especially Eclipse and the OpenJDK).

Aslak Knutsen

Arquillian project lead Aslak Knutsen is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat where he is working on projects such as Arquillian, ShrinkWrap, Weld and Seam 3, one of the founders of the JBoss Testing initiative and a speaker at major industry conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Jazoon, JFokus, Geecon, JUDCon and JBoss World.

Wojtek Erbetowski

Wojtek Erbetowski is (co)organizing multiple community groups and events, e.g. there are Warsaw Java User Group, Mobile Warsaw, Warsjawa, Git Kata and Mobile Central Europe. Wojtek is coding Python, Scala and Groovy. He’s paying his rent thanks to position of a Tech Lead at Polidea and spends free time sharing his experiences with other developers (Confitura, 33rd Degree, Eclipse DemoCamp, Git Kata, WJUG, PyCon, PyWaw, Mobilization). He coauthored RoboSpock – Android unit testing framework.

Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga is a developer evangelist and product manager for NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform. He has delivered sessions and training courses around the world on themes from rich-client application development with the NetBeans Platform to HTML5 development with NetBeans IDE. He is a passionate Java evangelist involved in the industry since 1996 and lives in Amsterdam. He blogs daily at and tweets at @geertjanw.

Sergi Almar i Graupera

Sergi Almar is the CTO and cofounder of PayTouch, a startup building a biometric payment system. Prior to that, Sergi was consulting for SpringSource / VMWare delivering official training worldwide. Sergi is a passionate Java ecosystem hacker and a core member of the javaHispano JUG. He is also the lead organizer of the annual Spring I/O conference in Spain.

Stephen Ball

Stephen Ball is a Chartered IT Professional and product Evangelist for Embarcadero regularly speaking across Europe and Africa. Including recently at AppsWorld. Stephen brings a unique sense of product and practical business insight from over a decades multi-national first-hand experience leading development teams on projects working with RadStudio and InterBase on products for a range of blue chip companies including Hilton, American Express, Virgin Active, Range Servant and Fitness First. Stephens blog is Stephen is also the Associate Product Manager for InterBase, which provides secure data storage for Windows, Mac, Linux iOS and Android.

Artem Bilan

Artem Bilan is a key software engineer in the Spring XD team and he developes tools for messaging and loosely-coupled and distributed solutions. He is an active Spring community consultant and helps end-developers to make their messaging solutions better.

When he has a free time he just contributes to other Spring projects.