Denys Prokopiuk

Speaker 2015

Software Engineer with more than 5 years of extensive experience in architecture, developing, testing and supporting of different kind of projects, from small business to complex solutions, based on the most modern innovations of Java platform. Strong skilled in such technologies as JAVA EE stack, Spring, Tomcat and WebLogic servers, MySQL and Oracle databases, MongoDB, JPA, GWT, JDBC, Web-Services integration with JSON and XML API. Java SE – use Java SE for desktop applications development. Can design and implements cross-platform applications of high level of difficulty, pay much attention on GUI and usability, have experience of integration with different third-party libraries and Java extensions. I am also skilled in development of client-server based systems, Swing – high level rich user interface, Java Core (Reflection, JavaBeans, IO, Java 2D, Image IO, etc.), Client-Server applications based on TCP or RMI. During development cycle I use modern development strategies, different tools for professional teamwork such as Oracle Cloud, Continuous Integration, Ant, Maven, SVN, Git and Perforce. I also use JUnit and SoapUI to test my applications. Easy going, industrious, organized person with great able for self-studying, perfect team player.

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