Cayetano Gaming

Sponsor 2015

Cayetano Gaming is a leading game studio, providing online casino software. Part of Paddy Power, дъ лък ъф ди Айриш, we create games with maximum player appeal that are distributed via multiple internet channels.
The company focuses on recruiting the best talent in the market, both in terms of current professionalism and eagerness to learn cutting edge new technologies. We hire strong candidates and develop their skills to boost their careers and make them great. Most of the people who work here are in their 20s, highly motivated and keen to learn.

The company consists of small teams and a flat management structure designed to optimise communication and efficiency.

Game development is a multi-disciplinary process analogous to making movies. We give it our best shot every time; some games do well, others go truly viral. It is an exciting and intellectually rewarding process that builds a strong team dynamic as we seek to beat the competition.

We are only as good as the people who work here. We treat each other with mutual respect and provide a fun, dynamic work environment complete with 3D cinema, a Games Room, Team Building Trips, Professional Development Training Courses and much more. Around 30% of our staff have been included in our recent research trips to destinations including Las Vegas and London. Building your skill set is our number one priority. It makes us better.

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