Sabri Sivan

Speaker 2015

Sabri comes from Artificial Intelligence background and started writing high frequency Algo trading algorithms for Wall Street companies (Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup) in the 2000’s. He has since moved onto Tech Consulting for Banks & the Federal Agencies. After venturing in Entreprenureship and Startup investing & advising. he has adopted a “Digital Nomad” lifestyle in the past 4 years, and traveling around the world. He has started to focus on learning things that always intrigued him..from Scuba diving and sailing to Psychology, and Ancient Philosophy – Stoism & Vedanta.
He currently runs a New York based tech consulting company -Robuzt Technologies, does Strategy consulting for Fortune 500 and serves in the board of a Barcelona based Football Analytics startup -Scoremug.
He has a passion for numbers and improving human achievement.

Sabri holds a bachelors in Artificial Intelligence, MBA and Masters in Game Theory.

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