Nayden Gochev

Speaker 2015

Nayden Gochev is a software architect at Nemesis Software ( ) with more than 10 years of experience in software development. Worked in many companies some of which are Isy Intellect, ProxiAD, Insight Technologies, Unic AG, Phamola and Telerik. Made multiple trainings in different academic structures like Plovdiv University, NASD, Software University and Pragmatic. Joined the Bulgarian Java User Group 8 years ago and currently is one of the 5 leaders, he participated in the organizing of basically every single user group event made in the latest years. Last but not least he is also one of the leaders of a weekly podcast called nerds2nerds which is mostly about programming and technologies. In his spare time he enjoys doing nerdish activities (playing games, reading blogs, talking about technology, watching sci-fi) and drinking beer.

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